The Future is NOW

RektFi is a state-of-the-art studio with its own ecosystem to not only launch its own NFT collections but also offer a range of services to assist other game creators or blockchain developers who want to integrate their game into the blockchain or take advantage of our design studio to develop, and assist in 3D Rendering and Animation services.

RektFi will also be offering a variety of other services that are all around development, artwork, and motion capture technology. Our aim is to bridge the gap between blockchain and the various Metaverses that will be on offer.


Our Mission is twofold.

The first being is to offer a specialist set of Metaverse dependent services to businesses, projects and game developers, to augment their existing capabilities or to provide specific VR/AR, animation or development services as needed.

The second is to provide professional NFT collections that are collectable but can also be used within the Metaverse.



The dream of RektFi is to create an ever-expanding incentivized ecosystem consisting of leading talent in Blockchain, DeFi, Visual Effects, and Digital Design to bring the technology of the Blockchain to the mainstream, providing not only an arcade of Crypto Games, but ALSO Metaverse integration services, AND the founding of a motion capture visual effects studio in the United States.


The products that will be originally offered by RektFi are:

• Very Limited Edition Genesis Origins NFT Collection
• Merchandise Store for purchasing your favorite items.
• RektFi Space Inu's NFT Collection.
• Collaboration with some strategic partners that are well known.
• RektFi Academy.

Our Services.

RektFi will offer a broad range of services to assist game and blockchain developers who want to create their own blockchain based games but also integrate into the Metaverse. Services that will be provided by RektFi include.

  • VR/AR Studio

    State of the art studio to assist in creating mixed reality content covering Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Animation

    Offering 3D Cinematic, design, artwork and animation services

  • Development

    Leading blockchain, Web3 development services also offering Custom Website Design, creation of decentralised applications (DApps) with Full Stack Developer consulting services.

  • Meta

    Metaverse brokering and integration services


    Motion Capture (MOCAP) studio to offer services for our customers

  • 3D Scanning

    Scanning people or objects with mesh optimisation for advanced movements to use within the metaverse, games, NFTs, cinematography and much more


How will we achieve all of this?

Phase 1
Preparation and Planning
Designing & Storyboarding
Web site development
Creating Genesis Origins NFT Collection
Building DApp for Mint and OpenSea Integration
Massive Marketing Growth Campaign
Genesis Origins NFT Collection Sale
Phase 2
Creating Space Inu's NFT Collection
Global Marketing Campaign
Space Inu's NFT Collection Sale
Launch Online Merchandise Store
Strategic Partnerships
RektFi Studios Services offering
Charity Partnership
Phase 3
RektFi Academy Launch
RektFi Studios Office Grand Opening
Open Metaverse Galleries
Exclusive Live Events for Holders
Rekt Rockets NFT Collection
Metaverse Integration
Roadmap Planning

Creating the future, one step at a time

Bring your own moves to your avatar by letting RektFi incorporate your movements, facial expressions, gestures or dance into your avatar. Our state of the art animators will rig your avatar to incorporate all your moves so you can show off all your moves in the Metaverse. All data scanned is owned by each individual and each user retains full rights to their captured property.

Looking to partner with RektFi or leverage some of their services?

Use the Contact Us form to get in touch about RektFi Services or if you have specific questions. We are always open to partnerships that will compliment and promote the RektFi brand.